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A first international Symposium was held in Bologna (Italy) in 1992. Members gathered and deepened experiences and research in the intercultural field, starting from the specific group analytic approach. The presentations and discussions were centered around the theme “Identity and Culture.” The specialists from a large number of European countries presented papers which were published in several languages and journals.

Eatga Eatg has organized and conducted intercultural workshops in Maastricht (Holland), Heidelberg (Germany), Oxford (Great Britain), Paris (France), Köszeg (Hungary), and Florence (Italy), in which people have participated, working in the fields of mental health, education and training, organization and consultation, social and cultural work, in both public and private institutions.
Several members of the Association have presented their work at international group psychotherapy conferences. They have published regularly articles in journals, notably in “Revue de psychotherapie psychoanalytique de groupe” (Paris), “Group Analysis”(London), “Connexions”(Paris), “Gruppenanalyse” (Heidelberg).

Each year, study days are held to give members and other interested people the opportunity to meet for the exchange of ideas, clinical work, research, and national and international projects. A newsletter is published once in a year to facilitate communication between members.