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Transcultural Work And Institutions

In institutionalized settings like international associations, organizations, industries people from different cultural backgrounds work together. These cultural differences have to be managed and integrated by individuals, by groups and by the institution itself. This will have consequences for the leadership and management procedures, authority patterns, institutional relationships. In these settings there is a need of understanding of the possibilities of intercultural cooperation in institutions and a need for adequate enabling solutions.


The inter/transcultural dimensions concerning

  • The clinical groupwork/therapy, psychosocial interventions or educational, supervision, formation, with persons having different cultural belonging and origin
  •  The impact of changes, conflicts and ruptures in the cultural space , conscious and unconscious, on persons, groups, institutions and on interpersonal and intergenerational links
  • (Im) migration ; welcome and support of refugees; exile : asylum seekers; totalitarian regimes; (post)colonisation; violence and wars
  • Traumatic social events both actual and historical ; violence and conflicts between different cultural groups
  • Rapid changes of symbolic markers and norms in a given society, globalisation ,  economical system
  • Evolution of rapports between persons and groups with different religions, nationality, social ideology, geographical blocs
  • These are sources of conflict/problems which have to be managed and elaborated through various adequate settings in different domains ( family, institution, teams / workgroups / international multicultural organistions,.. And with the im to improve intrasubjective, intersubjectif and transsubjectif wellbeing