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Transcultural Work and Setting Activities

This sub-theme is concerning the development of adequate answers in the clinical, psycho-social, and education fields to the impact of changes, conflicts, and raptures in the cultural space. The latter are often the source of problems in families of mixed cultures, intergenerational conflicts in migrant families between the first and second generation, difficult integration of individuals and families in a foreign culture, situations of exile or violence of totalitarian regimes, social and cultural traumas in the life and history of the family or group, individual and social psycho-pathology in adolescents and adults, different cultures in the workplace and social context, the functioning of international or transcultural institutions and organizations.

Setting activities 

 Original setting: intercultural groupanalytic workshop linked with theme and centered on the experience and the research of inter/transcultural phenomena; no presentations/papers

  • Mixed setting: study day / scientific days; workshops, open and centered on one or more themes with presentations / discussions and exchange of experiences linked to the theme ; input of other disciplines (sociology, anthropologie, philosophy, social sciences, architecture) or other methods (mediation, pictures, photolanguage, group turning .
  • Symposium: multiple presentations on one theme and small/large group work with experiential/action-research goal
  • Intervention setting aiming at a change (institutional, hroup, personal) in inter/transcultural contexts for/with other organisations/associations