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According to my vision, the present in EATGA-AEATG Development can be identified as starting from our Budapest Workshop in 2006. It was the last EATGA workshop in which the staff made of representatives of EATGA and Hungarian colleagues met several times in order to explore differences and similarities in theoretical and group experiential approaches focusing on the  workshop themes.. This event focused on the exploration of psychic, relational, cultural, historical themes relating to Europe: A new enlarged space where people from different countries, nations, histories.  started to share a common space . It was a first step followed by many other workshops in the following years where similarities and differences  of people started to find a place where they could be explored, talked about, shared,  known.

From that workshop on, we started to explore our common and diverse feelings towards economic, political, institutional, problems relating to the fading away of previous walls, the falling of Berlin wall (Berlin, 2007).

A new  inner and outer  space   where we  could start exploring    the  new visions  after the terrible decades or wars in the beginning of the century was coming to foreground also  in EATGA-AEATG

We had  started to bring culture, History,economy,   political issuesass themes   to be explored in workshops:

In Marsala Workshop  ( 2008) we explored the issue of immigration and we started to invite  to join us   outer institutions ( the University of Palermo). Students participating to the ws allowd us to exolore intergenerational themes in our small and large groups.

In Palermo ws ( 2011) the consequences of the globalized economy were addressed. As usual exploring them through group  dynamics in small and large groups

IN Sicily  for  the first time The workshop research was carried  on in a new an innovative setting. In an  “open air” setting under the wonderful sky of Sicily, a  tribute  to a dramatic issue the world has ignored   and we have  disguised under our beauties !

EATGA AEATG has  captured  the new era social, political desesperation . The issue of  MIGRATION . Of so many people trying to leave their counties  looking for survival  no longer granted in their homes and countries

IN  Naples ws  (La città psicotica, 2014)  disorientation, lost of points of references, and deseperation  of people arriving in unknown places , looking for safety  inspired a new setting. In EATGA tradition small groups were stables and formed by the same people thought out the workshop ( symbolizing a safe space to come back after worries and problematic search for survival. But in that occasion in order to symbolize the present real situation of people arriving in a town, in a place where they did not know anybody and anything and felt desperate, the participants in the small groups changed from one session to another always meeting new unknown people …… while the only fixed points of references were the   conductors waiting themselves  for new unknown arrivals  in a  room. Small group dynamics centered on how people face the problems of finding points of reference in an unknown situation,of   finding   some signs of welcoming  faces……

The workshop interventions, group dynamics reports,  presentations have been published  in

“ La città Psicotica  The Psychotic City (  d’Angio’, Margherita, Mazzoleni ) Guida  Editori Napoli 2016

. The exploration of cultural themes continued in Ischia (2019). Cultural themes were addressed from most interesting points of views and were approached by very well known  sociologists, philosophers, Psychoanalists , Architects.  While participants in median groupsdynamics  reflected on the themes  emerged .

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