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EATGA-AEATG Workshop, Palermo

EATGA-AEATG Workshop, Palermo

9-11 September 2011 Palermo

Has the logic of economic exchange  in our globalised world the power  to destroy the culture of the inner life ?

Following EATGA tradition, the workshop could be divided into small (or median) groups and  the large group.The workshop will take place in the Palazzo Steri Chiaramonte, an impressive building dating back to 1300, where the Inquisition was located in Torquemada’s times, now headquarters of the University Rectorate,  and in the Hotel de France, now the University guesthouse, once prestigious hotel (it hosted Freud, Ferenczi, Oscar Wilde, etc.).
Both buildings are situated next to the magnificent Piazza Marina.

Rooms at the University guesthouse will be available for participants at the price of €35 per night.

The price for the workshop will be €250 before 15 May, 330 afterwards.

Participants coming from Eastern countries and students: €150 before 15 May and €200 afterwards.For inquiries, contact Giuseppe Ruvolo,

Eatga Workshop Palermo 2011 English